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When C-Will advertises his events or newest project, we go, because so far, we've been blown away by his  incredible events, music, and shows, in the past years.
C-Will is like a ...


Toby & David
(fan & supporters of

the "TOP LIFE" movement

from C-Will and Maewi Ent.)



If you are looking to go and experience a "something new" type of situation for entertainment,

C-Will is the man, !" and you never know what's gonna happen at his events, as they are full of special surprisingly unique actions."




you will be absolutely delighted

with Live Music Productions ""

Roger White, THE FIRM -CEO


My Anniversary night surprise, would not have been the special night that it certainly became without you C-Will.

 ... Thanks for 




Mary & Andrew
(supporters of C-Will & the 

TOP LIFE movement inside
Maewi Ent.)


This "MUSIC HERO" SPECTACULAR SPACE ODYSSEY  (show), from the creation, and direction of  

"NEW VIBE MUSIC ARTIST" C-Will121 and MAEWI ENTERTAINMENT, is a  (Sci - Fi pop) Digital Fantasy, mind blowing experience, DIVIDED INTO 2 EXTRAORDINARY PARTS - Featuring  STAR COMMITTEE in the Beginning segment Called "SPACE ODYSSEY" Show (where you entrance onto planet "BLUE STAR" inside "STAR COUNCIL HALL"), where you get dinned and wined with STAR COMMITTE performing live coming to entertain you, while there sounds manifest great visuals and sonic sounds great to your mind and ears. The Music Is Pop, Dance, R&B/Hip-Hop. You the audience are also entertained by special monitor screen images of universal space and Blue Star's Eco System that is built slowly, as you the audience are present in the moment of such entertaining humanoids and other surprises.

THEN ...

C-WILL121 HEADLINING "MUSIC HERO SPECTACULAR" Show, as YOU -->(the audience members transfer to the 2nd planet), in deep space transit vortex, onto NEW PLANET "GALAGREE 1"... BRIGHT VISUALS, BRIGHT SOUNDS  and POSITIVE VIBE FEELINGS Flow, where and when in the main Headlining Spectacular Show 

C-WILL121 visits for the 1st time, (that's his own planet given by the positive source "THE RYHTHM OF LIGHT" in the 77th Galaxy), (as you the audience experience this adventure live right in front of you), musically performing, surrounded by the visual's of the Galaxy, yet struck by the awesome ART, live space beings, Creative LIGHTING & AUDIO SOUND experience, and the planets ever growing eco environment right in front of you, conceptually created by C-WILL121. C-WILL121 performs LIVE MUSICALLY,  and creates visual INTERACTIVE LIFE STORY ADVENTURES for the audience, on the exciting mysterious planet you and him share together, "GALAGREE 1." This New Sci - Fi Musical Theatrical live fun of interactive DIGITAL SURPRISES, ((that you the audience will experience)), will blow your mind excitingly, however your also a part of the journey from beginning to end, as this "NEW VIBE MUSIC" artist becomes a "MUSIC HERO" right in front of your eyes from you and him creating an eco system & being a part of the new sci-fi life that's bought to this GALAGREE planet by C-WILL121 performing song after song from his 7th album "MUSIC HERO". That's not all, ...

C-WILL121, "NEW VIBE MUSIC" artist brings his own musical sounds, from his 7th album "MUSIC HERO" 
(F.S.H.) - FUTURE, SOUL, HIPHOP and positive vibrations, that will also make you want to dance while watching, and celebrate the whole exciting journey & experience. Pop, Rock, DANCE
, World Music Sounds,  Funk, Latin, Hip-Hop, all FUSIONEND into one moment, filled with action, adventure, fun and excitement. Ending this show with an incredible D.J. Digital After Party "ADDING FLAVORS" ...
will have the whole audience moving to the NEW VIBE MUSIC sounds of  C-WILL121.
"MUSIC HERO" for you.!"


Experience !


Star Council


Enter on Planet "BLUE STAR," Inside of "STAR COUNCIL HALL" where you will be seated to DINE with us, eating the best of a mixture of the Local Foods of the given country & place this spectacular space odyssey show is in. 
Plush dinning and excellent service, as you enjoy the atmosphere of our host and hostess that make you feel at home on planet "BLUE STAR" in "STAR COUNCIL HALL."
There will be a variety of foods and beverages to choose from, from full course Vegetarian to an assortment of full course meat entree's , as well as non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages, however, mostly choices of wines, some beers, and a couple of choices of champagne for alcoholic beverages. (Please Drink Responsibly and do not over due alcohol drinks), because we want you to enjoy the rest of the show.
*We LOOK FOWARD TO YOUR DINNING WITH THE MUSIC HERO SPECTACULAR SPACE ODYSSEY SHOW, and enjoy the "SPACE ODYSSEY SHOW" with featured Music Artist While Dinning. Then Move to "SPACE HALL," on Planet "GALAGREE 1" the 2nd area and experience the main show "MUSIC HERO SPECTACULAR," the main show part of SPACE HALL and C-WILL121 comes for the first time to greet you and have musical adventures with you, through live performance, while you both enjoy Galagree's Alive Atmosphere with Digital Effects and Live Special Effects. "SEE YOU THERE."